Join the first cohort of professionals in francophone africa to leverage blockchain for decentralized applications

NFF will explore the potential of blockchains and crypto for commerce, trade and payments in Africa, through activities such as: panels,  masterclass, aimed at an executive audience, to provide a basic understanding of this ecosystem, more technical hackathon, aimed at developers and users, to train one of the first cohorts of blockchain developers and users.

Through all these activities, NFF hopes to provide an overview of the potential, use cases and a framework for understanding the innovations at work in Web 3.0.


Keep on top of the latest trends in the blockchain space. Ding in and learn more about : blockchain use cases for real world applications, building a base level understand of blockchain tools (technology), engage in a hackathon and join the first blockchain community, gathering both, developers and business leaders/people, etc.


Decentralized finance, enterprise blockchain, use cases of blockchain for good use 



Africa Blockchain Institute  Digital Transformation Policy PhD Researcher.

Dramane MEITE

an expert and thought leader in financial markets, asset management, fintech, innovation, crypto, and blockchain; regularly writing articles.


Are you a blockchain protocols active in Africa (ie: cLabs/Celo, Cardano Binance, etc.) or a large tech firm (ie. Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc.) looking forward to strengthening your footprint in this sector and diversifying your operations? Find out about our sponsorship opportunities

Target participants

  • Professionals business and developers/technical people
  • Students from top schools